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Young Men Leadership Project (YMLP)

YMLP – Young Men’s Leadership Project is a eight-day, multi-cultural camp for 80 boys to promote that promotes leadership, civic engagement, and friendship.

Category: Local YMCA's events
Date: 5th August 2017 - 12th August 2017
Place: Begova Korija (Shula Mina) Krushevo, Macedonia

Organized and coordinated by YMCA Bitola and Peace Corps volunteers, YMLP is an annual summer program that has been held in Macedonia since 2006 in various locations in Macedonia. The camp's curriculum focuses on the development of leadership skills, personal development, increased appreciation and respect for the environment, civic engagement, demonstrations of democracy and civil society education, emphasizes the value of diversity, promotes inter-ethnic understanding and encourages Macedonia's male youth to be contributing citizens in their communities. In addition, the camp provides opportunities for team building, having fun, hiking, improving English skills, learning lots of sports and other useful/practical skills.

The mission of YMLP is to develop the core values of social inclusion, commitment to democratic processes, and civic engagement in the emerging leaders of Macedonia in an inter-cultural environment while providing them with the personal and professional life skills that will make them effective and responsible citizens. This is accomplished through the participation of campers in core classes (Civic Responsibility, Democracy, Environmentalism, Leadership and Personal Development), and a diverse array of electives and team-building activities in an outdoor camp setting. Campers also have the opportunity to experience the outdoors in traditional camping settings and sleeping in tents. At YMLP, campers rotate between sleeping in cabins or tents.

Each camper experiences one night of 'rough camp'. At rough camp, campers set up their own tents, and cook dinner. In addition to attending classes, students learn about environmental awareness and participate in outdoor activities. YMLP camp is result of the successful partnership between YMCA Bitola and Peace Corps since July 2011.

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