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"Youth Building Peace"-Flash mob & Street open session

The activity will start with the flash-mob with a group of five young artists (students of the University of Arts).

Category: Local YMCA's events
Date: 12th August 2017
Place: Tirana, Albania

They will show one by one in the center of main park (so the first artist will come and start to play the music, which will be followed by the second after some minutes; this second will be followed by the third and so on, until the whole group of five will come together and will continue to play the music). With the facilitation of our volunteers the group of spectators will come closer. The young musicians will wear T-shirts of the awareness and stickers with a message on peace building and youth participation. The programme will continue with discussion on the topic and the session will be facilitated by our two volunteers who have participated in YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation - Peace Work Institute, Klarida Bregaj dhe Besnik Hoxha.