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19th December 2019

A practical inspiration for action, based on the YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation 2012-2019 Project peace practice legacy, the Peacework Guidebook provides a specific, practical framework for involving youth in peacebuilding, providing also tools for their engagement.

Published as YMCA celebrated its 175th anniversary and subtitled 'Peace Roots: From Seeds to Fruits', our Peacework Guidebook is:

  • A reflection on the Roots history and development, key components and activities;
  • A testimony  of Roots participants' impressions about the project and its impact on their lives;
  • A comprehensive summary of the unique know-how and all the tools that have been fundamental to the Roots’ peace work success;
  • A treasury of valuable references for peace practitioners and activists.

The Peacework Guidebook e-copy is available here. It has six parts.

Part one begins with a case study based on the Roots for Reconciliation Project peacebuilding experience. It focuses on the project's best practices and know-how, particularly its Peace Work Institute. We hope it will inspire individuals, organizations and institutions interested in and - more importantly - implementing conflict transformation and peacebuilding projects with young activists worldwide to learn from our Europe-wide practice.

In the second part, the Guidebook offers an overview of the knowledge and skills the Peace Work Institute participants acquired and later applied in cross-border 'homework' projects of their own design. These projects were implemented in their own regions and communities, using their own resources.

While the third part shares the Peace Work Institute participants' and stakeholders' personal stories, part four provides a brief statistical overview of their learning, activism and professional journey.

The Guidebook ends with a comprehensive list of resources with references to practical training and activity tools used in the Peace Work Institute curriculum design and implementation.

In the words of Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it is done!” The Peace Work Institute people - its participants, staff and various contributors - are living proof of these inspiring words. We hope this Guidebook will inspire its readers to action. Feel free to share it and let us know about your experience with it.

Author/Source: Ankica Dragin

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