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12th May 2017

We invite our YMCA friends to apply for YMCA Serbia’s work camp: “Europe Under One Tent” | 15-27th July 2017 | in Backi Petrovac, Serbia

Work camps are the most common form of short-term volunteering, where a group of volunteers works and lives together on a project which has been identified by a local community or working with that community. International work camps bring together volunteers from different nationalities and backgrounds, aiming at building up international understanding and therefore encouraging peace while working for an identified need of the local community.

YMCA Serbia in coordination with the Young Researchers of Serbia - Voluntary Service of Serbia (MIS-VSS) is hosting a workcamp this summer for the second time in a row. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

you can find the description of the camp and all you need to know concerning the dates, place, work, partner organization, etc.

What do you get?

The participant is offered a space to grow, learns new competences, acquires practice, gains new friendships and has fun at the same time. He/she works on something useful for the community. It is a chance for an inexpensive, creative and different summer holiday.

The environment at YMCA Serbia is multicultural, tolerant and open to people with all cultural and religious backgrounds. The participant is encouraged to interact with people from various profiles.

What do you bring?

You share experiences, exchange good practices, bring new skills, ideas and energy. The participants are encouraged to introduce positive ecological habits to other campers.




  • Interested in environmental issues;
  • Interested in gardening and building;
  • Interested in working with young people;
  • Flexible and quick to adapt to a new living environment;
  • Creative and able to work with limited resources.

How to apply?

The participant doesn't need to send a special application and should just contact YMCA Serbia directly at martins.ymcaserbia@gmail.com or ymca.bpetrovac@gmail.com. He/she will be provided with further instructions. In the email please include your name, contact email address, which is your YMCA organization and from which country to you apply.

Accommodation and food are provided during the participant's stay, travel costs are not. No additional fee for host organization is required.

More detailed info will be available at a later stage of camp preparations, when participants will receive an infopack.


Full album of the last year`s experience

Videos of the last year`s experience


Author/Source: YMCA Serbia

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